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Never buy these 2 shares. Which company's shares were bought today?


Never buy these 2 shares. Which company's shares were bought today?

Never buy these 2 shares. Which company's shares were bought today?

In today's article, we have told you about which company's shares were bought today, which shares were bought today, which company's shares were bought today, etc. If you read this article in full, you will get information related to it.

As you all know that people are earning millions of rupees daily from the stock market. You will have to work very hard to earn millions of rupees every day. Once you know about the methods of stock market, you will always be earning money.

If you are new, then you must have made this mistake and you will also know who and how the loss in the stock market is done. Let me tell you why the damage occurs? There is a very wrong habit among the people of India. These people imitate others very quickly and get trapped.

E-xample – Indians rely on other people's tips more than themselves in the stock market. Such people buy and sell shares by watching them on YouTube and news, due to which they suffer good losses.

What is the future of the stock market?

The stock market was going very well since the beginning. Now from 2022, it will become more popular in India. And whoever invests in the stock will see very good returns.

In such a situation, if you are also thinking of earning good profits by investing in the stock market, then start learning about the stock market from now on. After learning this, choose the stock of a good company. For that, you have to see what is going to happen in the future.

That is, what are the things that are going to be used more in the future, which will be used by millions of people along with us. In the future, the price of the same share will increase more.

As you know, Gautam Adani is not only one of the most successful people in India but comes at number 3 among the best people in the world. Adani Enterprises Ltd. company has grown a lot in 1 year.

The share price of this company reached Rs 2021.1709 in December 45 and Rs 2022,4.050 in December 00. This company is the world's most profitable company. Therefore, if you want, you can buy shares of Gautam Adani's company.

Kis Company Ke Share Kharide Today
Which company's shares were bought today?
Adani GroupShare Price 2022Share Price 2023
Adani Power Ltd333.65780
Adani Ports and SEZ803.801820
Adani Wilmar Ltd684.051030
Adani Green Energy2085.034240
ACC Limited2270.154630
Adani Transmission Ltd3245.105140
Ambuja Cements Ltd515.85870

It is listed on NSE, we have told you which company's share price will increase in 2024 and 2025.

Which company's shares were bought today? Which shares to buy today?

Friends, before buying shares, you should know which company's shares to buy today. If you invest 50,000 or 1 lakh rupees for about 10 years, then you will see good returns.

I also bought shares a year ago and today I have got good returns. The stock market has to be updated for a long time. News related to this has to be read. There are many things given about the share in the news, so it is important to read the news.

Which is the highest paid stock?

Tata Motors – I had invested in Tata's stock, which has given me 2 times returns. The price of this stock keeps decreasing. You can also earn good profits from this stock. The share price was Rs 20.2022 on January 382, 70, and now it has become Rs 16.2022 on August 489, 85.

Now you can see how good returns have been received in a few days.

Be sure to check the debt debt on the company

Before investing in the company, you have to see whether there is a debt on that company. Most companies have debt and such companies are declared bankrupt or converted into penny stock. Therefore, be sure to see the debt of that investing company.

If she is able to handle that debt well and is also making good profits every year. There is a lot to see besides seeing the debt of the company.