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13 Golden Tips, Expert Share Market Tips to Make Profit from Starting in the Stock Market

13 Golden Tips, Expert Share Market Tips to Make Profit from Starting in the Stock Market

If you have started the stock market or you are already in the stock market and you are not getting any kind of profit, then today we will tell you in the Share 

Making money in the stock market is not as easy as people tell, but it is not so difficult, if we invest it thoughtfully and do some stock market research, then we will start walking on the path of profit. 

1. Learn about the stock market

Most people are not able to succeed in their life because they do not want to learn anything but want to get a lot.

Even in the stock market, people start investing without learning anything without thinking anything and later there is a loss and they later say that the stock market is the most useless thing, in fact, the stock market is not useless, your stock market knowledge will be useless. 

So first of all, you should know about the share market basic information, what is the share market and how it works.

2. Research and Planning

Before investing in any company, research about it and make a plan in such a way that you can go on the right path, we will also tell you through this article what kind of research and planning you can do before buying shares of any company. 

For how to do research and planning, you can read heading numbers 5 and 6, in which complete information is given.

Start with a small scale (low investment)

Whenever you start a work, its first step is very important because it lays the foundation of your success.

Whenever you start the stock market, first of all you have to start on a small scale because when you read about the stock market, you get other types of information and when you actually start doing it, you get the most important information at that time which is important for your upcoming stock market journey.

Initially, you can start investing 500 to 1000 rupees a month in the stock market. Initially, due to lack of knowledge, the risk increases, so be careful.

4. Share Market Risk Management

Share Marketing Tips - You must have heard many times that the risk in the stock market is high, but in reality the risk is more for those who invest in the estimation.

For any investment, you must first understand your risk tolerance. Risk taking ability is an important part of stock market investment and it is different from all investors.

Investors' low-risk appetite depends on losses or their ability to tolerate stress during extreme market volatility.

5. How to Choose Good Stocks

A good investor is identified by the process of selecting shares, buying 1 wrong share in the stock market is forgetting the loss. Initially, you will have to face problems while buying shares because you do not have knowledge of the stock market, but we tell you some tips that you can buy good shares. 

efore buying any share in the stock market, you should look at these 2 things-

  • Company Basic Knowledge
  • Fundamental Analysis

1.Company Basic Knowledge 

  • What is the name of the company in the market?
  • What is the company's history?
  • What is the company's job?
  • How much debt does the company have?
  • How much profit has the company made earlier?
  • What is the image of the owner of the company in the market?
  • How much is the company's share?
  • How does the company's stock go up and down?
  • What the company is going to do in the future?

2. Fundamental Analysis
  • Take a look at the balance sheet
  • Take a look at Profit &Loss
  • Company's sales
  • Price to Earning
  • What is the market cap?
You can get complete information about all these by going to Google and searching the name of the company.

6. Create a Portfolio Make Portfolio

If you want to reduce the risk in the stock market, then you have to create your portfolio for that, portfolio means that you do not have to invest in only 1 stock, but you have to invest in more than 1 stock to reduce the risk.

This is the advantage of creating a portfolio, if you have invested in more than 1 stock and for some reason there is a loss in one stock, then the chances of profit in other stocks are also high and due to this, your money is saved from sinking and the risk is also greatly reduced, that is why you should build your portfolio and invest in more than 1 stock.

7. Investment Sector’s - Choose 

When you go to invest, first of all you choose 1 good company, but you also have to keep in mind that what type of company you are choosing, do not choose the company only by name.

What is Nifty and Sensex and how does it work?

That is why you also have to find out about your company's sectors before investing, what kind of products it services, in the future there will be demand for those products, only then the company will grow and your investment will also profit.

You can invest in companies with more than one sector to earn profits.

8. Take control

Before investing in the stock market, you have to control yourself, fear of loss in the stock market and the fall and rise of share prices, you can go at risk, so keep yourself in control because the shares in the stock market keep going up and down, but you do not have to lose control but you have to wait for the right time.

9. When to buy shares

It is important to invest in the stock market, but when to invest, it is most important that when a company's stock comes down, it does not mean that it should be invested in it. Stock Market Tips

First of all, you have to find the company that has been giving good returns for a long time, but due to some problem, its stock has come down, but it is possible that it will go up again, so this is the right opportunity for you to take entry from this graph.

When Entry In Share Market

This is the graph of Reliance Industries' stock, it was constantly going up but suddenly fell down and went up rapidly after a few days, just this is the best way to enter the stock market, which also makes more profits, so you have to find a stock that is very strong.